Show me yours

So my Dad left. So what? We all have 'stuff'.
And that is my point.

Every time I share my story, whether in a pub chat; in songs when I was singing professionally on the southern French circuit in the Noughties or now as a one woman show, something happens… people wait for me after and then they quietly tell me they were adopted, that their mother was violent, that they are really struggling to be a good parent or that they haven’t seen their son for twenty years.

I love that my story elicits this response as I know that telling our tales leads to understanding, deeper connections and great healing. Families are complicated. We can love a person so fiercely, then discover something truly unpleasant about them, or they hurt us in some way, but we continue loving them.  Or perhaps they are great people but we feel undeserving of them. Or maybe you have some other experience but, like I said, families really can be complicated.

In all but the most extreme cases, communication and honesty are key. Social media has afforded us what feels like safer opportunities to share our stories from the relative safety of our keyboards but we need to be more real, more honest. We need to make it completely OK to say
"'I am overwhelmed by this experience' 'What you said there is not OK'
'I miss you' 'I am not OK'."
If you want to tell me a story, I’m listening...
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